Cubase Elements 8 - feature request & licensing

I use Cubase 8.5 on my main Computer and on my two MacBooks Pro I use Cubase Elements 8. I bought two licenses of Cubase Elements because only one license is available for Cubase and I do not want to carry with me the dongle. This is - compared to Logic, Ableton Live - a disadvantage especially because the Cubase versions are different and so are the features (Cubase 8.5 - Cubase Elemenst 8). It is also hard to understand that I cannot use Expression maps in Cubase Elements as this is a very important feature when writing for orchestra.

I hope that Steinberg can move some steps ahead to get the two versions of Cubase closer to each other. One should be able to start working in Cubase and continue in Cubase and back. Or: make at least a second, better more Cubase licenses available on a soft licenser, I even would pay extra.

I’m afraid that’s very unlikely to happen, but if you want to use Cubase Pro with your MacBooks, you don’t have to worry as much about possibly losing your eLicenser if you buy one or two backup dongles. Using Steinberg Zero Downtime, you’ll be able to continue using your copy of Cubase Pro and all your Steinberg plugins while you wait for Steinberg Support to transfer your licenses to your backup dongle. The zero downtime license lasts around one week depending on how much time you spend using Cubase, which should be more than enough.

Of course if you’re careful with your dongle you’ll rarely have to do this, if ever.

You can order the new, more mobile friendly (and slightly sturdier) version of the USB eLicenser here:

I appreciate Your answer very much as I did not know about this possibility, thank You!