Cubase Elements 8 Full Version

I have the Cubase LE A1 Elements 8 version that came with my Steinberg UR22mkll that I just purchased last week.

A couple hours ago, I ordered full version for $99.99 and I got the email confirmation and the download link.

I downloaded the software and proceeded to install it. However, it shows that all the packages are already installed on my PC and did not do any further installation.

I am positive that I didn’t pay $99.99 just to be told that everything that I paid for is already on my PC.

Of course, I am totally new to Steinberg and Cubase so I could very well be doing something wrong.

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated. I already submitted a ticket as well but since it says they don’t know when they’ll get to that, I’m trying to find help in this forum.

AFAIK Le AI and ELEMENTS use the same installer, but the license changes the version. So you need to install the licence code in your elicenser. After that it will start as elements. But you could have bought the Ai to elements update. And maybe the groove agent isn’t intalled yet. You can find it in download updates Elements 8.