Cubase Elements 8 - lack of Toggle Timebase Function

The toggle Timebase function was something I found invaluable in my very old Cubase SL software when recording MIDI or VST instrument parts.

I purchased Elements 8 mistakenly thinking it had this feature but it appears the Toggle Timebase feature is not there. Can anyone suggest a workaround that effectively freezes a MIDI part in terms of time when adjusting track tempo.

Hope that makes sense.

Much appreciated.



Are you sure the function is not there? I would wonder…

Unfortunately the Lock function is also missing, so I have no idea, how to solve this.

Make sure the track header is wide enough to be sure you’re seeing all available buttons. If you don’t see it, right-click on the header and select ‘Track Control settings’ (if you have that in Elements). If you still still don’t see it, you ain’t got it.

The only workaround would be not to change the tempo…


I just had a look to Cubase Elements, and you are right. The Timebase toggle is not part of Cubase Elements.