Cubase Elements 8 not recieving signal from interface.

Hi, I recently switched from a Windows 10 PC to an iMac due to issues with my interface and DAW running on an AMD CPU. My iMac is running macOS Sierra 10.12.3 with a 3.3GHz Intel i5 processor and only 8gb of RAM (hopefully updating to 16 soon)

I am having an issue where Cubase sees my interface (Scarlett 18i8 1st Generation) and all of the active inputs/outputs, but even though I’ve set the ASIO Driver and mapped all the VST Connections like they were when it was working on my PC, it WILL NOT track, monitor, playback, or even see/send any signal from/to the interface. It will, however, track and monitor my computers onboard mic and playback through its onboard speakers using the stock drivers.

The Scarlett works great for zero latency playback and general web browsing, Spotify listening, and tracking in GarageBand, but will not work with Cubase.

I have read multiple similar posts but most seem to be an issue with mapping VST connections or general setup.

I have tried reinstalling both the Scarlett Mix Control and Cubase but the issue has persisted and my fellow band mates and I can’t seem to get it to work.

Any ideas or possible background settings I may have missed, either in Cubase or on the Mac itself (being new to Mac)? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Did you ever solve this problem?

I assume from your multiple responses to others asking if they solved their problem with no audio that you have some similar issue.
If you list your own specific problem and what o/s and interface you’re using I’m sure you’ll get some advice.


I had the exact same problem with my elements 7.
Long story short; i had to go back to using OS X Yosemite, because my elements 7 was “out dated” an was no compatible with the new iOS update… Still is not!
So i dont update my mac at all (iOS)
Guess you have to buy elements 9, since your computer has Sierra as original operative system… ??
Kind of stupid i think…

Hope this was of any use/help :smiley: