Cubase Elements 8 Not recording guitar

Hello everyone.

I have a UR12 system attached to my computer. It can record my microphone just fine in the xlr input. I tried recording my guitar the other day and I have no signal coming from guitar into the hi-z input. I am a super novice when it comes to this stuff, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Maybe the elecronic connections in your guitar are destroyed. by real headbanging enthusiasts this happend after a time :wink: , i have a problem like this, too. how old is your guitar? and are you`re really checked all connections, and considered that the Volume knobs and switches are all on full power to proof it?

Do you really mean there is no signal from guitar to hi-z or is it that the signal is not getting into Cubase from the UR12?

If you turn up Gain2 on the UR12 panel with guitar plugged in can you get the peak led to light by hitting the guitar?

Do you have 2 input bus’ set up in vst connections and have you selected input 2 as your guitar track input?