Cubase Elements 8 won't "hear" USB Audio Devices

I’m running Cubase Elements 8 on PC Windows 10 64bit.
I’ve tried plugging in various USB audio devices: Blue Icicle, Zoom H4N, M-Audio M-Track (MkII).
They show up in “Devices/VST Connections/Inputs” and in “Devices/Device Setup/Asio DirectX Full Duplex Driver” (except the M-Audio, which has it’s own Driver) and the ASIO control panel and they show as “Active” but there is no audio input to Cubase: nothing shows on the meters and nothing records.
I have checked the USB audio devices (Icicle, Zoom and M-Audio) on other computers running other audio software and they’re fine.
Has anyone any ideas on what’s going on and how to fix it, please?

  • Apparently you picked the correct audio device driver in the "Device Setup menu.

  • You went to the VST Connections menu and apparently picked the correct connections on both the “Input” and “Output” tabs.

  • Next step is to make sure you have assigned the Input and Output routing to each track you are trying to record to.

  • There are a few ways to do this but most common is probably doing it in the track inspector section.

  • Highlight a track then, in the inspector, click on the track number to bring down the section where you assign the input and output routing.

Choose wisely and it will be working. :wink:

If not, you will have to explain in more detail (or provide screen shots) about what is listed in the VST Connections menu and in the track Inspector section.

Regards :sunglasses: