CUBASE Elements 9.0 Time Signature change

I need to change the Time sig from 4/4 to 2/4 for one measure, then back to 4/4. Ought to be simple enough, but the manual is not helpful. I’m able to access the Tempo Track and change tempo, but am stumped at changing the Time Sig.
I’m relatively new to Cubase.

Greatly appreciate any assistance provided.
:Georgetown, TX, USA

Cubase Elements 9.0.20 build 209 (64 bit)
WIN 10 Home; Intel i7 2.8 GHz; 16 GB RAM
FocusRite Scarlett 18i8

You can do this in the Tempo Editor page.

As audioguy rightly says, you can do this within the Tempo Editor but it’s not particularly intuitive.

From the Project menu select “Tempo Track” (also Ctr-T if you’ve not changed the shortcut keys). This brings up the Tempo Track window. Near the top is the Signature ruler (see image below). Right click to change the tool to the pencil. Then click where you want the the signature to change. A new 4/4 will appear at this point. You can edit this via the keyboard (or the edit box near the top left). Repeat to change back to 4/4.

planarchist: Gigantic thanks for the concise and friendly response! That’s got it.

If you find yourself getting into Cubase more, the Pro version has both Tempo and Time Signature in the Project Page, which not only saves time; it is also way easier not having to deal with yet another page.

It helps too when copying data from one project to the next, as you don’t need to export a tempo map since all the data is copied along with your parts (or tracks).

Saying this though it is easier to make finer adjustments to the Tempo from within the Tempo Editor.

Thanks for the tip, audioguy. I’ll remind my Dear Wife that Cubase Pro would make a fine Christmas gift.

This helped me out as well. I was trying to make the time signature 3/4. Now, it’s working! Thanks.

in cubase elements 10 I don’t even see the possibility to change time signature anymore, I see the other items like ramp, tempo but no signature, did they remove that feature ?

No they didn ˋt

lol , sorry I just didn’t see it before but you have to actually “draw” on the signature bar below the info, which wasn’t visible for me at first, I was stupid and always trying to ad a tempo change marker and then change the 4/4 in the transport bar while selecting it, ofcourse that went nowhere :slight_smile: