cubase elements 9.5 edit-in-place?

Hi all, just was forced to install Elements 9.5 because my dongle was left home.

Is there no edit-in-place functionality within Elements for MIDI tracks? I’m dead in the water if not.

Why the F’N HELL does Cubase require a dongle. GOD i hate that. Hate it soo, sooooo much. :imp:

look in track control settings?

Elements doesn’t have that…


Really…it shows up when searching the Elements online help :confused:

Sadly not the first time the latest Elements Help has described something that isn’t in the program…

It’s not in Elements 9, so unless added with 9.5 it seems that blink is correct.

There’s an issue with the online help that makes it show the manual for Cubase Artist and Pro if you perform a search.

Use this one instead to check if a feature is missing from Elements:

Aha, that explains a lot. Thanks.

Page 128 and 536 of “that one” also talk about edit in place as though it is available.

well let me ask this - SHOULD it be there? or not? if not, the discussion’s over, I don’t really care what the damn manual says.

[Inappropriate comment removed -R.Tp]

No, it’s not supposed to be there.

I know you’re frustrated so I wont give you an official forum warning for that, but I would strongly recommend you to think a little before posting because what you just said would probably get you warned or banned from most other forums.

Please note that Steinberg is already working on a piracy protection solution that wont require an USB dongle. This will probably take a few months, so please take care of your eLicenser until then.

I don’t believe I used any obscenity. Other than “damn.” But fair enough. That’s good news. It’s been a decades-long frustration. And I meant every word I said, I thought about it plenty. I was thinking about it all day long at the studio where I COULDN’T DO MY WORK because I didn’t have it and wasn’t about to drive back and hour and a half to get it. You’re 100% right - I’m incredibly frustrated, especially when you start talking about deadlines.

Hey listen - for the past ten or so years, I’ve forgotten the dongle maybe a handful of times. What can I say, I’m only human. But Steinberg, with this protection policy is asking me to be a robot. But I don’t think I need to reiterate how limiting that requirement is. YOU know it is, I KNOW it is, and everyone on this forum I’m sure does too. I’m ecstatic to see it come to an end, because I love Steinberg’s stuff and have been using it to make a living for almost 15 years.

Sorry to become passionate about this, but like you said, it’s an old frustration resurfacing.

Hey, that’s Blink with a B, not a b… :sunglasses:

Seriously, it is not in 9.5 and the manual also seems to say that the Event List editor is in Elements but it clearly isn’t. They have loads of manuals to produce so this kind of error is only human…


Oops, sorry Blink.

Yes, maybe only human but surely correctable all these months in…

Yep, thankfully, that’s also a human property, to correct itself.