Cubase elements 9.5 trial - no output sound - new user

my problem is probably really basic, but I haven’t seen a solution posted here earlier.
I watched a video on Youtube which mentioned the Device menu, 9.5 has no such menu.
I don’t have any sound output at all and Preferences doesn’t seem to have any options to help either.
How do I get my Cubase trial to make a noise?
Do I need to modify a template like Sonar required me to?
In Sonar, the computer speakers didn’t work, I had to use external speakers or headphones all the time, a major pain.
I chose the generic Asio when installing Cubase.
FL 8 still works fine on my p.c. if that helps with or without anything plugged in.
Thanks in advance from a dumb new user.

Under Studio/Studio setup, I have Asio 4all v2.14 specified but there is no sound from Halion when a key is pressed.
I also notice that in the mixing console, neither the synth nor the output channel show any activity during playback.
It appears that Cubase needs additional configuration to get the synth and mixer to output sounds.
With Cubase open, my other sounds are working fine, e.g. playing an mp3 file.
28 days left and some help would be appreciated. Thanks.

So, I found this article after watching a few Youtube videos - The first things to do when you startup Cubase:
I have an output bus for my speakers. Studio setup states that the bus is active. The track editor states that the speakers are connected, but Cubase still does not produce a sound from the synth.
I’ve also toggled monitor on and off in the mixer, but to no avail.
There is nothing left that I can check and no further help or advice apparently.

I have now spent over five hours trying to get the free trial to produce a sound and I’m fed up wasting my music time on this.
Sonar was bad enough with its template restrictions. FL Studio 12 trial works immediately after installation and produces sounds without any setup requirements. I have set it to use the same Asio driver as Cubase, so I know that my Asio setup functions correctly.
I realise that Cubase is a professional product, but it seems that you need to be an expert in order to get started with it. I presume that there is no technical support because I haven’t paid for anything yet and unfortunately, nobody on the forum is going to help me (after three days of asking), so I don’t think I’m going to be spending €579 on Cubase.