Hi everyone, I’m really fed up. I’ve just bought this software. It installs but when I click on it it asks for the activation code which I have. When I key it in the elicencer crashes. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I’ve noticed that elements is not showing on the elicencer? I have other cubase software loaded on my PC and won’t launch either. I’ve tried uninstalling elicencer and reinstalling but that fails too.

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE help me.

Kind regards, Quentin

Which OS are you using? Do you have the latest eLicenser Control Center?

Hi there, windows 7 and I have the latest version of elicencer, can you help?

I have the same OS, but I’ve never had any issue activating my products.

Open Windows Update and check if there are any optional updates for .NET. Install those, then restart your PC (restart even if there was nothing to download/install). Hopefully that will make it work.

Restarted laptop still elicencer crashes. Anyone please? Thank you in advance all tips welcome. HELLO STEINBERG! ?

Thank you for the responses, I heard changing the date on the PC is one way round the problem, is this right.
What can I try next? Quentin

Not sure if that will help. You can try synchronizing the Windows clock, and/or maybe temporary switch to another time zone, then using your activation code.

This is definitely a very unusual issue though. I’ve not heard about the eLicenser Control Center crashing like this in years. You should try contacting Steinberg directly. How you can do that depends on your country.

Have contacted STEINBERG twice, no reply. Hoping someone here can help me. Thank you Quentin

Have you tried running the eLicenser as an Administrator?

How do I do that

Nic. How do I run as administrator please?

Right click on the eLicense Controller Program icon and select “Run as Administrator”.

You can also make it always be run as administrator by right clicking -> Properties -> Compatibility -> tick Run this program as an administrator.

Tried administrative log in to elicenser and that also has no effect. Please help me

Cubase elements 9 is loaded on my pc but doesnt show up in elicencer is that the problem?

Can anyone share any experience or knowledge on this one please, I’d be so happy and grateful. Kind wishes, Quentin.

Can anyone share any experience or knowledge on this one please, I’d be so happy and grateful. Kind wishes, Quentin.

Hi Quentin. Did you manage to solve this problem? as I seem to have the same problem. Non of my activation codes work. Any help would be much appreciated. Scott