Cubase Elements 9 - killing process, can't reopen again.

Hi. I have this issue.
I’m starting Cubase, working and its ok.
Then I want to exit Cubase and the project exits normal. But I can’t close Cubase - the main menu is hanged on the top of screen and no button works. So I kill the Cubase process in task manager in Windows.
Then I want to start it once again- I see new Cubase process in task manager but the program won’t start.
So I checked in eLCC and it doesn’t show my dongle…there is still “Reading eLicensers”.
So I downloaded installation of eLCC from Steinberg and want to reinstall it but then I got message that some process is still useing eLCC.
Everything goes back to normal after I restart my computer.

This is what I’m using:

Cubase Elements 9.0.10
eLC v
Halion 6
Windows 10 Home x64

Every Steinberg License I have is on my USB eLicenser.

Please help me and thank you in advance !

I also noticed that sometimes I have to connet my usb dongle few times because sometimes it just blinks red led light and thats all and Windows says that can’t read device and it is connected wrong. After few times it is working.

About processes in Windows proces manager i noticed that if I kill process called “Protected Object Server (32 bit)” after Cubase crash and won’t reopen. it work good and everything goes normal.
This is some solution but it shouldn’t be like that I suppose…:confused: