Cubase Elements 9 Not Loading.

Hello All.

Just new to the forum.

Please forgive me if this has already been submitted.

I’m writing to you as my registered version of Cubase Elements 9 won’t load up when I try to open it.

It brings up the main logo and scan’s my VST’s but after it’s finished the scan it just freezes & nothing else happens.

I’ve tried numerous things but nothing has worked. I’ve also noticed on the Steinberg forum that others have been experiencing this problem using Elements v8.

Please can you help me out with this problem as I really want to use my Cubase Elements 9.

I look forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure you have the latest Cubase Elements 9.0.20 installed. Make sure your Audio Device driver is up to date. If you have any 3rd party plug-ins installed, make sure they are up to date, please.

What Windows/macOS version do you use?

Thanks for your reply.

I have the latest version 9.0.30 installed.

I’m running Mac OS 10.11.6

3rd party plugins?

Audio Device? Make sure the driver (and tools, if you use Steinberg) is up to date too, please.


I moved my Vst folder on my Mac to the desktop then opened Cubase & it now opens. Just can’t figure out what VST it is.

Strange one this :frowning:

Now, you have to investigate, and put the plugins back one by one.