Cubase Elements 9 Trial HD Free Space


I have 30 Go HD free, and in the website’s “System Requirement” page, it’s written that I only need 12 GB HD free for the Cubase Elements 9 Trial. However, when I downloaded the Cubase Elements 9 Trial, it saturated my HD space, and I couldn’t achieve the installation.
I have a Macbook Pro with the MacOs Sierra version.

Do you know how much HD free space I really need for the installation? And why is it more than 12 Go?


Hi and welcome,

It’s not because of the HD space. If there wouldn’t be enough space, you would get a dedicated message.

What exactly happens? Why you cannot achieve the installation? Could you send a screenshot of the last step, please?

Cubase uses 12GB, but you’ll need at least 24GB to unzip the installer and another 12GB to install Cubase. You should be able to install it if you delete the original .dmg/.zip file after unzipping.