Cubase Elements 9 Trial problem

I downloaded the Cubase Elements 9 Trial version and all seemed to go as expected. I entered my activation code
and it was accepted. However, this morning when trying to open the program I got the error message “No valid licence
found” but when I entered my activation code the message was “The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a licence. Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.”

What should be my next step? I own Dorico and I would like to use Cubase alongside it.

Any help would be gratefully received!


Open elicenser control centre as administrator.
Try to run maintenance. Is there an Elements license showing in there?

There is a trial licence in there and it says: “Cubase Elements 9 Trial - Steinberg, SeL, Demo, Licence Usage Period not started yet, Expiration Date 1month after starting Licence Usage Period” but when I try to start the program it is the same message as before - “The Activation Code has been used already”.

What should be my next step? At least it looks like when I do get it sorted out the month’s trial is still unused!


If the license is there then activation is done. When you start Cubase it shouldn’t be giving an error that activation is used… Only if you try to enter the code again.

May be worth trying to start Cubase as administrator for the first time. Otherwise and assuming you have the correct trial installed and didn’t manage to install Pro I think support are your only option.

Use the “Start Usage Period” menu item in the Action menu of the Elicenser control center.

Thank you so much Steve! That worked - I am now up and running.