Cubase Elements 9 Upgrade for Pitch Correct?

Hi, I have Cubase Elements 9 and I’m trying to find out what minimum (the less money I spend, the better :smiley: ) version do I need to have the Pitch Correct feature (the “autotune”)
I was in the “Comparison” section of the Steinberg site, but I don’t have it clear…

I also suppose that there’s a special price for upgrading from Elements9 to this version…right?

Thanks in advance!!!

Your signature says you have Cubase LE 9, not Cubase Elements. You need to upgrade to Cubase Elements 9.5 to be able to use the Pitch Correct plugin.

Thanks! I had my signature wrong! I indeed have Elements 9.
They answered me from Steinberg and told me I need Cubase Pro 9.5 for Pitch correct (450€ upgrade), so I’m using now the Waves pluging, much cheaper than this upgrade.
Thanks for answering!

As said before: “pitch correct” (which works similar as autotune) is a plugin and included in elements 9 already.