Cubase Elements / AI / LE 7.0.6 update available

Dear Cubase users,

We are happy to announce the availability of the Cubase Elements / AI / LE 7.0.6 maintenance updates! The updates are free download (please see the bottom of this post for links) and fully supported.

This update focus on serious visibility and workflow enhancements for MixConsole, including the ability to display channel names in two rows instead of one as well as one-click plug-in access. Improved audio stability under Windows, improved UAD compatibility as well as a lot of resolved issues in different areas of the application will make your Cubase experience smoother than ever before.



  • • Visibility improvements
    MixConsole now features better overall visibility and resize and window restore behavior. Depending on the zoom level, the channel names are now displayed on two lines instead of one and the font is rescaled for better readability. Mono / stereo channel format now sports corresponding visual symbols. The Pre, Sends and Quick Control sections now feature consistent behavior of overlay controls.
    Please note that you have to reconfigure the layout of MixConsole for existing projects after updating to 7.0.6.

• One-click plug-in access
Plug-ins in MixConsole can now be opened with a single mouse click on their slot position.

Improved audio stability
To improve the overall audio stability under Windows, Cubase now ensures that the ASIO driver threads are using Windows MMCSS (Multimedia Class Scheduling Service).

Improved UAD compatibility
7.0.6 features improved UAD compatibility, preventing “sample rate mismatch” issues.

Issues resolved*


  • • Unfreezing a pasted Group Track now works as expected.
    • (OS X 10.8 ONLY): Opening a project from a location which uses Unicode characters in the file path now works as expected.
    • (OS X ONLY): The horizontal zoom direction in the Project window (CMD and mouse wheel) no longer switches depending on the “Natural scrolling” system setting and will always zoom-in like on PC.


  • • Unexpected resizing issues after changing the height of MixConsole no longer occur.
    • The names of channels, insert plug-ins and channel strip modules are now displayed with the correct font size.
    • After switching the EQ band type, the focus frames in the Channel Settings window now disappear as expected.
    • The pre filter in the Channel Settings window now shows the on/off/bypass buttons.
    • Insert preset names are updated correctly when the insert effect is changed.
    • Track pictures on channels in MixConsole are now always centered properly.
    • The Solo defeat tooltip now displays the correct modifier (“ALT+CTRL”).
    • Pressing a key on the computer keyboard does not interrupt writing automation.
    • Disabling a track no longer disconnects the side-chain inputs of the hosted plug-ins.


  • • Besides the channel strip module, Cubase Artist 7 now shows the regular plug-in version of Vintage Compressor.
    • Besides the channel strip modules, Cubase Elements 7 now shows the regular plug-in versions of Envelope Shaper, Gate, Maximizer and Vintage Compressor.
    • Opening a project created in a previous Cubase version and using bridged VST 2 plug-ins now works without issues.


  • • Printing a score under OS X now works as expected.

_ Please note that this list applies to Cubase Elements 7 and not every entry may apply to Cubase AI 7 or Cubase LE 7._*


A detailed version history and the 7.0.6 Updaters are available here:

Cubase Elements 7 downloads
Cubase AI 7 downloads
Cubase LE 7 downloads

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt - Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany