Cubase Elements AI

Good day all.
I have recently purchased Cubase elements and I’m having trouble recording Groove agent drum sets I can set up the midi track no problem, then I add a group track and link the two, then I add a Audio track and try to link it to the group output and the option is not there.
Do I need different version to accomplish this?
Also It doesn’t recognize the other two out puts from my MC 404 only stereo out puts .
Any recommendations as how to record vst instruments and how to set up my two remaining audio inputs

If you are talking about “recording from busses” then, yes. I believe this is still only a Cubase Pro feature. Is there a reason you need to record from MIDI to audio in real time?

If not, just use an instrument track and export audio mixdown with that track soloed with the create audio track option enabled in the mixdown dialogue. Or, I might be missing your intentions?

What is a “MC 404”?