Cubase Elements : can't export mutli tracks ?!

Hello Everyone,

Recently bought (and starting to regret) Cubase Elements, and it seems there is a little misunderstanding by me.
You’re unable to bounce, multi track export or render in place with the Element version ?
I could do it on my f*cking 2009 version of Cubase 5 but now I have to pay 250€ more only to bounce for mixing my songs ?!

Please tell me it’s a joke or there is something I don’t understand.

Yes, just like anyone else who wants the full feature set, also you have to pay more.

Exporting multi tracks is “the full feature set” ? They’re really funny.
Uninstalling right away.

There is always that one feature that someone who has Elements thinks should absolutely be included. Batch exporting is indeed a “Pro only” feature. With Elements it’s one track at a time.