Cubase Elements: changing tempo/speed of an audio file

I work exclusively with audio files (never MIDI files) and have figured out a few basic but important features like changing pitch, adding markers, adjusting volume, etc. I am stumped however as to how to change tempo in just a section of a file, not the whole file. Is there a way to do that in Elements or would I have to bump up to Pro?


Just cut the Audio event, and make the time-stretching on the cut part of the Audio Event. Cubase will show a dialog to ask, if you want to create a new file, for this process. Yes, create a new part, otherwise the whole file (and all presences of the file) would become processed in the project.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your response. It is greatly appreciated.

If I understand you correctly and I do as you indicate, won’t that remove the the section from my file? Or will it remain as part of the original file? I want to slow down one section of my audio file but I want it to remain as part of the original file, not have it as a separate section.

Thank you again



You cannot keep it as one Audio Event, if you want to change the tempo of just part of it.

Of course, you can glue all Audio Events to one Audio Part after.

Thanks, Martin!