Cubase elements elicenser.

Hello. I recently purchased Cubase elements. from what I know Cubase elements use soft elicensers which store activation on hard disk rather than usb elicenser. I however do have an usb elicenser which I use for refx nexus, plugged in behind my pc. when I install Cubase elements 9, I thought the activation will be on hard disk. however today I removed my usb elicenser, and I noticed that I when I start up Cubase it says no license found. I’m abit confused now. when I plug my elicensers again its working as normal. I actually don’t want the license for Cubase to be stored on elicenser instead inside my pc. how do i correct this problem?


Start eLCC application. Here you can see where is the license stored.

Unfortunately if the license lives on the USB-eLicenser already, there is no way how to convert it back to the Soft-eLicenser.

its on the elicenser it seems. I don’t recall there was any option to install on soft elicenser or elicenser stick. wow I f I knew I would have removed my stick…now I have 2 license on a stick.

Sadly it is quite easily done, installing a license to the USB licenser when you really wanted it to go to an eLicenser.

As Martin says, once it’s on the USB licenser you can’t move it back to be an electronic license.

On the plus side you can now use Elements on different computers if you so wish.

thanks. just a question is having multiple licenses will effect a usb elicenser in anyway? such as reduced life span because of more frequent read and write?

I haven’t hear about issue like this yet. In case of damaged USB-eKicenser, there is a way, how to get a replacement.