Cubase Elements for Live Recording?

I’m looking to purchase software that I can use for Live Recording, 16-24 tracks. Input from a Mackie DL32R. Would Elements be a good choice? I’m using Logic Pro X but that seems to be better for composing that recording live tracks. Any input would be appreciated.

-Waves tracks live
-Steinberg Nuendo live

Hello dpasewark
yes, even cubase elements potentially offers up to 48 audio tracks recording at start
with loads of extra features

however please note that your mixing desk, the DL32R offers 14 assignable outputs that can be used to send what ever is plugged into the mixer
to the computer, aes surround mix, and a stereo output for monitors

the DL32R also appears to be expandable so as to allow you to have 32 channel in/direct out
which uses a protocol called Dante that appears to use the ethernet port built into the computer

Dante appears to be compatible with Cubase etc.

see features in cubase comparison table below

Cubase can be a little fiddly to set up, not as perhaps intuitive as Logic.
But apart from that, not that different. Perhaps a little simpler otherwise. better for midi programming in my opinion.

Also, Mackie is a solid pro audio hardware manufacturer, US built i believe and solidly built
you get what you pay for. their desks are usually fairly quiet, and simple enough to use.

What appears to be interesting about the Mackie DL 32 R is that it also comes with software for tracking (basic recording) using the mixer and dante.
From there I would have thought that you will be able to import into any of the main DAW’s.

hope that helps