Cubase Elements - how to record audio from keyboard without picking up midi playback sounds

Hi, I’ve created a number of Midi tracks in Cubase Elements 10.5 using my Roland RD-2000 as the Input & Output for both Midi and Audio. To finish the song I’d like to record an Audio Track using the Rotary Organ from my RD-2000 as I want to record the rotary speed up and slow down effects which i can’t do over midi.

The problem I have is that because I need to hear the Midi tracks playing in order to record the Rotary Organ over the top, when I play the audio track back it has also recorded the Midi parts. Is there a way I can hear the Midi tracks but isolate the Rotary Organ so only this is recorded onto the Audio Track? Hope this makes sense!

If I understand you correctly you have a number of Midi tracks playing sounds on your RD-2000 and in addition to this you want to record an audio track with one additional sound from your RD-2000?

I would suggest that you first make an audio track as a result of all the midi tracks playing. Then you can mute the midi tracks and do the final audio track recording while listening to the audio track recorded from the midi tracks. That way the only thing coming from RD-2000 is the sound you want to record. If you want to you can then un-mute the midi tracks and delete the first audio track (if you don’t think you need it)

Many thanks for the reply. The only way I’ve been able to do it is as you’ve suggested - it’s good to know I wasn’t going nuts as I wasn’t sure if I should have been using different busses or group tracks etc.

Although it’s great that this works it still feels a little clunky. Do you know if there is an easier way with Cubase Pro?

I don’t think Cubase Pro can do anything much different. After all you are recording the audio coming from RD-2000 and as long as midi tracks affect what is coming from RD-2000 you will record it.

But a question is why you can’t do the final recording through midi as well? Isn’t rotary speed changes sent as controller data (mod wheel?) that can be recorded and played back by Cubase? (…I don’t know if Cubase Elements have some restrictions regarding recording CC data…)

Hi all

I agree with guca02, the rotary is nearly always controlled by the mod wheel

Best Regards, Dave