Cubase Elements LE AI Will Not Launch

Yesterday, Cubase LE AI Elements 10.0 would not open, bouncing a few times on the app bar on my mac and then stopping, and the only way to close it was to force quit. I upgraded to Big Sur and it still would not open. I renamed the libabrary/preferences/cubase folder to recreate it according to my research, and then uninstalled and reinstalled the app to version 10.5, confirmed the license, and it still will not open. Any one have experience like this? Should I upgrade to 11? Thanks!


How did you confinement Cubase 10.5 license, please?

Cubase 10.0 is not officially compatible with macOS 11.

I installed the software from the downloads site, but I was unable to register the license. The process with the elicener is pretty confusing and I guess it does not work now. Sorry for any confusion.

Version 10 has always worked until the other day, which is why I upgraded my Mac OS and the new version 10.5.

eLicenser license server is not available for license transactions.

If you own Cubase 10 license, you cannot start Cubase 10.5. You need Cubase 10.5 license to be able to start it.

Ok, do you have any idea why Cubase 10 will not work either? Do you have any course of action for a solution or a timeframe for the licensing server to come back up, if this indeed what my issue is. If this is the case, it makes no sense that the perfectly good version I’ve used for 6 years suddenly stopped working.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode (Disable Preferences), please?

Can you see *.crash file generated by the system in the Console utility, please?