Cubase Elements Mac Virtual Midi out network

I’m sure I am missing something but I want to uses a song midi file, import into Cubase Elements on my Mac, then play it on a synth on my iPad.
I can get other packages to output midi to my iPad from my mac via “Audio Midi Setup” and create a session to the iPad. So far I cannot see how to make a Cubase track output the midi to the network session?
Is is not a feature of Elements and does it require another version or am I missing a simple click!!!

I have not played around with this, but you should be able to set the MIDI output of the track to any port that is showing in Audio MIDI setup.

Make sure your midi parts are on on midi tracks

and not Instrument tracks.

Thanks that did it.
I created a new midi track and copied the contents into it.
Can you change an instrument track into a midi track?
Will upgrade from the demo version to the registered version now!
Thanks again

No, but you can control what kind of tracks are created when you import a midi file.

Preferences>MIDI>MIDI file>Destination

Thank you all works a dream now. Really appreciate your help.