Cubase elements no source

Hey all,
I’ve just moved my studio and since resetting up I can not get a signal into Cubase elements 7.
My delta 1010 interface is working correctly and my system works well but in Cubase though it tells me everything is there and I can select my inputs as per normal except in the channel settings: Mono In and all the other input channels it tells me there is no source.

Any ideas? :question: :exclamation:

Hi and welcome,

Can you check VST Connections > Inputs? Is the Mono In bus here? Is the port set to the Input of your Delta 1010?

G’day Martin,
Yeah everything is where its supposed to be, the vst connections show my interfaces and that they are connected, selected and active.


You wrote “it tells me”. So is there a message (window)? How is the message is exactly, please?

No sorry, my way of speaking :slight_smile: Everything is selected, all my inputs and devices are visible and the correct inputs and outputs are selected and listed as active

OK, so, what is the problem? You cannot hear or see (on Meters) the signal, right? Or am I wrong?

Are you sure, your cables are connected correctly?

That’s it mate, no signal in Cubase from my inputs, as I mentioned earlier I have signal through my desk and the m-audio delta software is receiving signal but Cubase is not getting any signal. I have tried uninstalling the audio drivers ad reinstalling them but nothing changes there, Cubase still has the same issue. when you look at the channel settings: Mono In, it has “no Source” on it though all other sections are set correctly and my audio interfaces are visible and selected and active in the device setup windows.

“No source”, this is really strange message. What can you see in the list, if you click to the “No source”?

Could you send a screenshot, please?

Nothing actually happens when you try to select it, you can’t change it. I’ll be unavailable for a few days but will get a screen shot up soon

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase elements 7 and still have the same issue, even reinstalling the audio drivers does not seem to work. I have attached a screen shot of the only part of Cubase that shows me an actual issue.
scn shot cubase.jpg


Thank you for the screenshot. Now, it’s clear.This “No Source” in the Channel Settings window is OK, if the Channel, you are looking at, is the Input Channel. This field is Input bus of the Channel, you are currently looking at. So, for the Audio Channel, there is the Input Bus. But for the Input Bus, there is no Input bus, so there is “No Source” displayed.

Ok cheers that actually makes sense :slight_smile:

The real problem has just presented itself I believe though.
I pressed record and a message popped up “Error: ASIO driver not working” the problem here is the driver is working as I can run anything else from my cpu by it, any ideas?



Are you sure, other applications are using the ASIO driver? Isn’t it another kind of driver, which you are using in other applications? Like Windows Low Latency driver?

What Audio Device do you use? Do you have the latest driver, please?

No in order for any other application to playback via the delta 1010 (which is what everything set to run through) they have to use the M audio driver which is the asio driver that cubase tells e is in error


It is not necessary the ASIO driver. It could be another Type of M-Audio driver.