Cubase Elements - No VST Audio Systems in Studio Setup

  1. I want to use my Yamaha MGXU internal USB Digital Audio Converter in Cubase Elements. But software won’t read it.

Can this be done?

  1. I have no ‘VST Audio Systems’ option showing in Cubase Elements Studio Setup.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve gone thru tutorials that refer to it. But it does not show up in my software.


Are you on Mac or Windows, please? Is the driver compatible with you operating system?

I apologize for leaving it out.

Windows 10.

64 bit laptop.

Windows recognizes Yamaha MGXU but Cubase Elements does not.


Is the driver 64bit? Is it Windows 10 compatible?

Yes. The MGXU driver has no problem inside Windows.
Cubase Elements does not recognize it.

Also I see no VST Audio Systems in Studio Set Up when I try to
change audio interface.

I downloaded an updated driver for the MGXU mixer.
From Yamaha Steinberg site for MGXU mixer.

(I should have done this before posting.)

Now Cubase Elements recognizes it.
This is progress.

I still have problem #2 No VST Audio Systems shown in Studio setup.

I have no sound but I am making progress.



Where you can see it?

Which Cubase version (exactly) do you use, please? Did you install it as administrator.

Cubase Elements 11, 64 bit , Sep. 2021

I stumbled upon this at Steinberg site as I have similar issue like yours. See if this article applies to you :


Thanks. I changed icon size. I am logged in as administrator.

No VST Audio Systems in Studio Setup.

The Yamaha Steinberg driver is recognized though.

I am not sure what is happening. I may open a ticket if I cannot resolve this.


I post 2 screen shots. First is a tutorial I commonly see w/ VST Audio systems.

Next is my screen shot w/o VST audio systems.

Very confusing. I thought you said Cubase was now accessing the proper driver. It should be available as a selection here …

It is available there. I can access it.
But it does not appear where the tutorials show it on the left side.

The category: VST Audio Systems is missing on that side.

I learned later I can reach it on the right.


Great! So, what exactly is the problem?

Are you sure the tutorials you are watching are from the same version of Cubase? Some of the menu selections have changed in terms and appearance over the past few years.

That one was from an Elements Tutorial. I am not sure if it was from the same version.

I’ve been able to navigate to the audio interface.
I also have sound now.

The only remaining issue for me was why was VST Audio Systems missing
on left side when every tutorial referred to it.

Thanks everybody. I’ll ignore that part.

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The VST Audio System item has been renamed to the Audio System. That’s all.

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So why not using the manual?

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