Cubase Elements playing project at half speed

I copied a project from my studio computer to my home computer (both Windows 7 & Cubase Elements 9.5.21). The audio tracks and edits appear to all be located correctly but when I try to play it in appears to be playing back at half speed. With the Display Format set to seconds the cursor is only advancing 5 seconds on the display for every ten second of actual play time. I have tried most of the obvious parameters but can find non that appear to reset the playback speed back to normal. Am I just missing something obvious or has the project file gotten corrupted?

Set your samplerates correctly.

Thanks svennilenna. While both the project file and the audio files both showed as 88.2 kHz the project file screen highlighted the sample rate in orange/yellow as if it was an error. If I changed the project file sample rate to 44.1 kHz it was no longer highlighted. I don’t understand why it showed an error at 88.2 kHz since all the audio file headers show a sample rate of 88.2 kHz using the free program ‘Header Investigator.exe’. After playing with practically all possible combinations of parameters for most of the morning I finally got it working with the following procedure:

  1. I change the Project File Sample rate from 88.2 kHz to 44.1 kHz
  2. It immediately asked: “Convert audio file to new rate?” I had to answer “Convert”
  3. It then asked: “This operation will remove offline process histories. All edits will be frozen!” (a rather scary question) to which I answered “Proceed”.
  4. It followed that with: “Do you want to keep the source files in the Pool directory?” to which you had better answer “Keep”; if you answer “Replace” and forgot to save the project it will no long load and is probably gone forever. On answering “Keep” you can then see Cubase rewrite each audio file.
  5. The final question was: “Do you want to keep the files at their sample position?” This had to be answered “No” or it would sort of scatter them around the project.

I still don’t know how I got into this by simply copying a project file from one Cubase system to another unless it is somehow tied to the fact that they each have a different audio output device. The source system uses a Steinberg UR-44 while the destination system uses the built-in Realtek High Definition Speaker stereo outputs. Anyway, thank again.

Because your audio interface was at a different sample rate. Nothing to do with the audio files.