Cubase Elements - Recording VST instruments to audio track

Hello, good friends.

I must have spent a good couple of hours trying to record into an audio track from VST instrument track.

Is it even possible to do this in Cubase Elements?

Thank you kindly for your answers.

In the pro and artist versions it’s easy and you can use “Render in place”. But with elements you’ll have to set this up manually and it’s more tedious. However it does work. Take a look at this video:

It does not work in Cubase Elements.

I meant that the way it’s described in the video works. :wink:

thanks, Nickeldome! however, I already did that and other tutorials on this matter - the issue is that it doesn’t let me to set up Group Bus as an input of the audio track. The option is not even there. That is what has led me to believe this could be a limitation of the Cubase Elements. There are similar threads on this matter, but no conclusive answers…

Mmm…Sorry I thougt only in AI and LE it was not possible actually?

The only thing left I think is maybe freezing the instruments and import the created audio file back into Cubase? But this solution surely won’t win any awards for efficiency?

You could do it with a soundcard that has a loopback function.

Thanks, Nickeldome, I’ll try the freezing track method.

Can someone maybe confirm this feature is not available in Elements?

If I buy Artist, will it become available or is it a Pro feature only?
Browsing the comparison charts on Steinberg website does not yield any info regarding this matter.

Yes I can - not enough for you? :unamused:

Sorry. However, the question still stands: what is then the minimal required version of Cubase to record VST instruments to audio tracks?

Freezing instruments is possible in Elements according to the manual. But you can easily check yourself by right clicking on a track and opening the track control settings and see if you can add the function when not visible on the track. Starting with Artist Render in Place is available as far as I can see?

In earlier versions recording from busses was a Cubase (Pro) only feature. In the Cubase 10 manual it is no longer listed as Pro only feature - so probably Artist

Render the tracks individually and re-import them to audio tracks? File->Export->Audio Mixdown, check the option “Audio track” in the “Import into Project” section. Tiresome, but possible.

Thank you guys, you’ve been great help. I guess it’s time to upgrade! Until then, the export to separate tracks will have to do.

Hi Im still a noob, just curious
Does this limitation the OP discovered apply also to vst effects used on recorded audio? Not just vsti instruments?

in other words… Can I apply my waves limiter on an audio clip that i recorded in Elements 10?

That must be possible… or else what would be the point of having vst effects be present?

Thanks for any info, it would save me hours trying to find a method that may not exist.

The Export Audio Mixdown function allows you to mix down and export all audio that is contained between the left and right locators of a project.