Hello, I must say I am so upset… seems if i had a competitors software I can get a better deal on cubase 10 pro than- me the already loyal customer who wants to upgrade???
Am I missing something or am I wrong??

The crossgrades are valid for the top tiers of the other programs, not for the entry level products, which Elements is.

The elements are discounted at half price. Also the upgrades from elements are half price. You can upgrade :slight_smile:

From my screen and calc, the cost of upgrading to Elements and then to Artist is more expensive than upgrading straight to Artist or upgrading from another DAW vendor to Pro. I think it comes down to which features you thin you will need.

The Cross grade are still competitor products so they get the advantage of owning both products at a lower price than me
Got me looking at the there products now kinda of a dumb promotion

I see it says cubase pro crossgrade Cubase
Cubase Pro 10 Crossgrade
$ 170without VAT???
upgrade from elements is $225.00

it should be the other way round? if i could get it for that price I would upgrade right now except I am looking at all the others to see whats there. I didn’t do that before now

Yup. this is a very good point. And now if the competitors decide to strike back with their own predatory pricing counter attack, Steinberg have a serious problem on their hands as they have a lot more to lose with the Cubase product in the modern DAW market than some of the more agile companies that are operating in that market space.

Does anyone know which products qualify as crossgrades? The Steinberg crossgrade page doesn’t actually state it:
Maybe there’s a workaround there for the OP.

But I’d say if the OP is seriously considering upgrading from Elements to Pro, now is the time.
You might not see 50% off for another 30 years. :laughing:

If you add the crossgrade to your basket it does show you there.

Cubase Pro 10
Crossgrade from Ableton Live Standard / Suite, Logic Pro, Cakewalk Sonar Platinum / Professional, Digital Performer, FL Studio Signature / Producer, Pro Tools / Pro Tools HD, Reason (from Version 6), Studio One Professional