Cubase Elements (Trial) Impressions

First of all, I would like to thank the Steinberg team for making trial available for evaluation so that the product could be tried before actually buying.

I have faced several issues so far. It might turn out that it is me doing something not the right way, or they are by design, thus asking. I am experimenting with Cubase Elements 7 Trial (build 2231 64 bit).

First thing is score editor. Currently I see that there is only one part viewable in it. My use case is as follows: I import a MIDI file with 1 voice ahs track and 2 piano tracks. The source of MIDI file is MuseScore 1.3 (if this is important). Then I open the score editor via main menu. I see only voice part. Moreover, the lyrics that are attached to my MIDI are not appended to the score. In the pianoroll, however, I can open any of the parts. Is it a limitation of trial version, of Elements, or? That is to say, does it work (ie. show all the parts and/or lyrics) in the full version?

Second is MS Vawetable softsynth that is avalable as an alternative to the Sonic softsynth provided with the software. I am not able to make it (MS Vawetable) working. What I do is just selecting it in the combobox instead of Sonic. No sound is produced from that point until I select the Sonic back. What is the correct way to use it? I remember there are some not so bad samples in it (at least for piano and voices it sounded better than Sonic sounds that come with trial IMO). states that Elements come with Prologue synthesizer. I cannot find it anywhere. Is it just a part of Sonic engine?

To sum it up, so far I felt that Cubase will suit the following of my musical ambitions:

  • Ability to add pseudorandom velocity to MIDI (found in Trial).
  • Ability to add pseudorandom time shift to MIDI (not found so far, but seen on videos).
  • Ability to use some naturally-sounding softsynth instruments, like grand piano, drumset etc. (there are some instruments in Trial, but their sound… is very specific; I am awaiting piano to sound at least as Alesis NanoSynth from late 90-s).
  • Ability to record the audio from external sound card (not tested yet, but hope it is allright).
  • Expander, compressor, limiter, reverb out-of-the-box (I know that expander is only in full version, the rest is not tested yet).
  • Buses/sends (saw the later are there, but not tested yet).

My main question is if the full version supports all the aforementioned features, and if someone can share their impressions/point to links I will appreciate.

Hello I am new to Cubase (apart from using it in the mid 90’s.) I have purchased the Elements 7 and have the same problem with only one part showing on the score editor. It may be something I’m not doing but have found nothing about it in the help search and am searching for an answer. I know someone very efficient at recording on Cubase but even they couldn’t answer this question. Hopefully one of us will find out about this issue. Back in the 90’s and even when I used an Atari with notator alpha the programs were so easy to use and effective. Score editing and sequencing were so self explanatory whereas modern programs are very complex. I never used a Forum between 1989 and 1998 because it wasn’t needed.