Cubase Elements Videos on YouTube -- Songwriting

Hi Steingberg,

I just watched the three Intro to Elements videos on YouTube and am convinced to upgrade from Cubase AI 8 to Elements (I think it will be Elements 9 - hopefully) because of the chord editing and arranging and what the presenter did with creating & arranging the vocals in the video. After watching all three videos I am so stoked. This is why I purchased my UR242 and keyboard & pad controller for song writing. But, since I am new to this whole world of DAWs I need a bit more detail.

Please do a detailed video or Step|Action Table on creating and arranging vocals. In the video the presenter sang a simple melody and then created a chorus from the melody. However the video doesn’t go into step by step detail on how to do that. The Step|Action Table or new Video can detail:

  1. How to sing in a simple melody and make a chorus
  2. How to add in additional background vocals, like the presenter added in background heys in his demo
  3. Chords and chord editing
    Essentially showing/detailing all of the steps the presenter took to go from the basic concept of a song to the finished product that is being played over the intro to the video tutorials.


  1. Can you score the vocals in Cubase Elements?
    – I can sing a great melody, but my music harmony isn’t so great, thus hand writing & keyboarding the score doesn’t always match up to what I’ve sung or envisioned.
    1.1 Can Cubase create a musical score from a melody I have sung onto an audio track?
    1.2 Or create one from an audio track I insert into Cubase?

  2. Can the score be converted to midi notes so that I can sing into cubase and convert my singing into midi and then assign it to instruments?

Thanks Steinberg and the Forum community