Cubase/eLicencer on Windows 11 ARM

Hello! I’m struggling to install Cubase on Windows ARM machine because of eLicencer driver. I managed to install and run Cubase versions that use soft-eLicencer, but for the phisical key there’s a problem - seems you can’t install x86 driver on ARM Windows. Maybe someone can tell if there’s a version of eLicencer driver built for Windows ARM?

Hi, were you able to get it to work?

I also have interest in running Cubase on Windows 11 ARM and was doing some research on it.

I did read that on Windows 11, it should be able to run x86 code on ARM cpu with an included interpreter. (Similar to Rosetta on the Mac)

Please let us know if you got it to work.

I believe I read the licensing methodology was going to change for Cubase 12? Not sure if that affects this in the future or not.


I was able to install eLicenser and use software eLicenser (though I had to do some moves manually, like running from Admin and manually creating soft eLicenser from the command line).
After eLicencer running and seeing soft-eLicencer I was able to successfully run Cubase 11 LE.
It works fine, so it’s possible.

The only problem is Windows ARM doesn’t support non-ARM drivers, so most of the hardware doesn’t work: Cubase eLicencer (real), iLok (both real and cloud-driver).
So you can’t run Cubase 11 Pro and use iLok plugins that have licences not on your machine but on iLok or iLok Cloud.

So that’s a pain, and until iLok has drivers compiled for Windows ARM this would be a problem. With Cubase 12 they promise to go eLicenser-free way, so it probably would work on Windows ARM.

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