Cubase eLicenser Uninstalled by mistake doesn't recognize my system

I uninstalled the eLicensor by mistake. Please don’t ask why. I can’t even answer myself.
I have cubase 12 pro and elements 13 on two separate computers. On my steinberg account both are now associated to one local computer Id .
I have no idea how this happened. I never installed both on the same system. I tried to deactivate/reactivate c13 in my account and now Its on “not activated”
C12 says activated today.
Can I search and delete the serial number that is stored in the local computer? Can this do a reset?
C13 launches and works but I keep getting an elicensor popup then it disappears.

You can see all your eLicenser products on MySteinberg:

If you reinstall the eLicenser software on the same machine it should work provided you have products available there.

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