Cubase Essential 4 installation

I have recently had my PC repaired (Windows 10 OS) and need to re install Cubase Essential 4. Unfortunetely I do not have the installation disk. My question is:
Is this product still available to install?? If not which product will best suit my reqiurments. I’ve tried contacting Steinberg customer service but not received any reply!
Many thanks in advance.

That is a pretty old release of Cubase, are you sure it still works on Windows 10?

Why not upgrading to Cubase 12? There are options to upgrade even from Cubase Essentials 4 (depending on the release you want to buy)

If you need it you can still download it from the Steinberg download page for legacy software. There is a ISO image containing the full product, but you need to have a license for it to run.

Thanks Juergen for the reply. You maybe right I have not been able to check if Cubase Ess 4 will work properly on my PC (as I stated I do not have original installation disk)? I would consider upgrading, is Cubase Elements 12 a good upgrade? How would I go about it as I dont currently have any Cubase installed? I do have a ELicencer?

I can’t tell you if Cubase 12 is a good upgrade for your specific purpose, it is the release you can currently upgrade to. Steinberg always upgrades to the latest release, so this is what you will get. On the website for Cubase you can find a comparison of the different editions.

What you need for the upgrade is definitely your eLicenser, because it will be checked when you are going to activate the new release. Keep in mind that since Cubase 12 the eLicenser is then no longer used. Instead the new Steinberg Activation Manager will do the license check and activation. You can find more information about that here:

Thanks. I’m looking into all that now.