Cubase essential 4 + komplete audio 6 = No sound

Im new to the forums and I looked for my issue in the topic but I couldn’t find it so here I am. My issue is that I have no sound , I just bought a new sound card (komplete audio 6) and installed everything correctly to my knowledge so that I should be getting sounds but I still get nothing . I have tried re installing but still nothing . Also I reconnected my old sound card to see if it was something i missed but the old one worked and the new one still doesn’t.

if anyone out there knows anything that could be of help
i would greatly appreciate it .

Hey thanks for quick reply

I did all this and I am stuck at the point where Im supposed to hear sounds coming out

oh plus my sound card works with the independent vsts and with all of my other music programs
does anyone have cubase essential 4 and one of these here komplete audio 6 sound cards

my fear is that im going to have to buy a newer version of cubase just to get this thing running

Maybe this might help too

when i have the driver selected i cant seem to engage the rewire with reason

but i think its due to the sound card because reason works with it still but just not cubase 4 e

DID you check the routing of the tracks? If you want to do a team viewer session so I can see how you have things set up, let me know.

hey thanks once again

No actually I haven’t checked that yet and to be honest I dont actually know how to . But Ill figure that out and let ya know.


Now for the routing , do I check that on the mixer ?
My apologies I am not very well versed in with cubase yet

what was that team view you were mentioning
that may prove to be useful .

Team viewer lets us share screens. Nothing to install, you just run it and send me the log on info via PM.

Well I would like that to be a last resort kind of thing.
I am very cautious of programs like that .

is there no other way to recieve help.
I have tried to call cubase support but no answers yet .