Cubase Essential 4 upgrade to version 5 or higher????

Hi, Been using Cubase Essential 4 for tooooooo long now and would like to do an online upgrade to any newer version - 5 and up. Is this possible at all without having to get rid of 4 and buying a completely new of version 7 (This appears to the only version available for download on the Steinberg site?). Is there a way to continue using the Syncrosoft Licence Key USB for the upgrade. Any advice will be most appreciated.

Until Steinberg answers, I believe they won’t sell you any version but their newest versions…why would they? They’d just assume sell you a current one at full price.

If you want version 5 or 6, you’ll probably have to look on line, and then be patient. Ebay, Amazon etc. I know ebay was selling new versions of 6 last year, and there was an upgrade path to 7 from there. I almost took the bait, but decided I didn’t want to upgrade literally everything else…Cubase, my audio interface, my entire computer, operating system, plug ins, VSTi’s, etc, etc, etc.

As far as I’ve read, to use Cubase 7, you’ll need Win 7 to run it on. Maybe someone here has their old Cubase 5 they want to sell, but have no idea of the cost of transferring a license. With all the older Cubase versions out there, there must be some available…you’ve just got to find someone selling it. You won’t likely find it through steinberg.