Cubase Essential 5 Install Problem

Hi, has anybody had trouble installing Cubase Essential 5. I’ve re installed it and am having the same trouble with it second time around. I cannot get HalionOne to load. In the installation process, the HalionOne seems to load ok but when I load a pattern it says the HalionOne is not there.
Any help would be appreciated.
Many Thanks.

Of course I do know you´re supposed to have mind reading abilities on this forum, but for those who don´t, it might help to help you, if you posted your sytem / OS… :unamused:

windows 7.
pity you haven’t focused your mind reading ability 'cos you would know what i’m thinking right now. you can keep your sarcasm to yourself. i’m sure somebody else will offer some advice without the attitude… :laughing:

:unamused: :open_mouth: :unamused:
ok… my mind reading capacities say, that as you don’t want to tell which system you exactly have, I will therefore keep my mind closed too to any help :wink:

OK, we’re making big advances… let’s keep the attitude by the side: It’s really helpful to enrich your signature under MySteinberg!

Besides of that:
Which Cubase Essential Version are you exactly using?
What does the errormessage exactly say? Are you able to load HALion in an instrument track or as a VSTi?
Does the GUI show up?
where do you select the pattern? For analysis it’s easier you first load it separately and then load a pattern in the HALion GUI.
Have you after the installation started the separate HALion One 1.1 installer?

I had also problems with the patterns and needed to reinstall Cubase from scratch as during an Cubase upgrade something got messed up…

So much for the moment.


Ta for the reply. I bought this last week and have installed it twice now and am getting the same results. The version is 5.1.1 and for eg, when i try to load a preset production eg, R&B, I get a message “the plugin HalionOne could not be found for the instrument track”. I delete this message and get a missing ports message saying the “asio direct x full duplex drivers are unmapped”.
As a total novice to the workings of this, I am getting slightly :confused: .
On installation, it goes through the process for installing HalionOne, but it’s not recognised.Maybe the settings need changing or something?.
Any help would be appreciated.
Many Thanks, :wink: .

Right, one thing that probably won’t fix your issues but you should do it anyway: select the right drivers for your soundcard. I don’t know what soundcard you have, but directx ASIO drivers are ALWAYS wrong.

If you have a good soundcard it’ll have its own ASIO driver you may or may not have installed already. If it’s a basic onboard soundcard download the asio4all drivers and use those. (google for them.)

To select the driver go to device setup and then VST connections, select the right driver from the dropdown menu. That’ll save you the next question after you sorted out how to use Halion, namely: why does my audio stutter and garble.

Your misunderstanding, I´m non of those that have any abilities to focus, and I don´t really want to know what you´re thinking (right now, or whenever)

Of course someone else will, that´s why I preferred to be sarcastic.