Cubase Essential 5 problems

I’m running a PC with Windows XP, Cubase Essential 5 (installed Jan. 2011), m-audio Fast Track Pro. I’ve been having problems for as long as I can remember, with only a couple of weeks where everything seemed to work as it should. For about a week I’ve been getting an error message saying the sample rate could not be set. It wants to revert to 44.1k/24bit. Today, the software stopped recording completely. The input lights on the m-audio light up when there’s a signal, I hear sound from my monitors, but no audio is going through to cubase. There are no levels showing, and I can’t record. HELP!! This is getting frustrating, and there doesn’t seem to be any support out there. I can’t even find out how to use the new pitch correct plug-in. Steinberg’s support is not helping. any help is appreciated.

What samplerate is the card set to? What samplerate are you using in Cubase? Correct ASIO driver selected?

I used to have 48k, 24bit, but the settings for my FastTrackPro are greyed-out at 44.1k. I keep getting a message that the 48k sound card setting is not capable of 48k. I’ve just bought a new computer and a Tascam US-600. That’s how (*&^%$#@! upset I was at my old system. If you have any more thoughts, they’re still appreciated as I’ve not yet installed the new gear.