Cubase Essential 5 problems

I’m running a PC with Windows XP, Cubase Essential 5 (installed Jan. 2011), m-audio Fast Track Pro. I’ve been having problems for as long as I can remember, with only a couple of weeks where everything seemed to work as it should. For about a week I’ve been getting an error message saying the sample rate could not be set. It wants to revert to 44.1k/24bit. Today, the software stopped recording completely. The input lights on the m-audio light up when there’s a signal, I hear sound from my monitors, but no audio is going through to cubase. There are no levels showing, and I can’t record. HELP!! This is getting frustrating, and there doesn’t seem to be any support out there. I can’t even find out how to use the new pitch correct plug-in. Steinberg’s support is not helping. any help is appreciated.

Sounds like cubase has lost your soundcard driver, go to Device Setup and select the correct ASIO driver for your device.

There is a good description of the plugins in the Plug-in Reference Manual found under help.