Cubase Essential 5 Resets Volume to Full

I just recently switched to the Apogee Duet 2 as my audio interface. Whenever I begin a new project in Cubase, the volume dedicated to my montior speakers reset to 0 db while my headphones level remain constant. Apogee Support suggested that I untick the “Set Device Attenuation to 0 dB” box under the Control Panel setting, just like the suggestion at the below link.

However I do not see this option under the Core Audio Device settings (instead I only see Buffer Size dropdown box and checkbox for Use CoreAudio Channel Names). Does anyone have any suggestions as to a fix for this issue? I have been unable to find an option for “Set Device Attenuation to 0 db”, so feel free to point me to the location of this option if it is available in Cubase Essential 5.

Thanks for your help!