Cubase Essential 5 will not be updated any more?

Wow, this new Steinberg forum is so Good! :smiley:
I am now using Cubase Essential 5 as a registered user.
Some months ago, Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5 was updated to Ver 5.5
but my product have not been updated since 2009. Hummm…
Cubase Essential 5 will not be updated any more?? Please tell me.
Build number of all Cubase 4 Products was 4.5.2 even Essential 4 and Ai 4
But why cubase Essential 5 is…?? :blush:

And can I upgrade to Cubase studio 5 EDU with this version??

There are no specific EDU upgrades. You can upgrade using the regular Cubase Essential 5 to Cubase Studio 5 upgrade.

Hi Georg

Will there be an Essential 6?

The Cubase Essential 5 product line will certainly be continued!

Ok, thank you Georg for saying that, but maybe you have acknowledged already that there are problems with file compatibility between applications in seemingly unhelpful ways, e.g. AI opens files more readily than Essential when you pay for the latter.

Any more information is appreciated.

Where do you get that from? Personal experience…?

Taken from here:
That’s all that can be said in this regard right now.