cubase et roland blues cube artist

J’ai un problème, je n’arrive pas à créer une piste pour enregistrer le son de mon blues cube artist (roland) relié en USB à mon ordinateur.
J’ai réussi à créer un bus d’entrée et là le son marche, en revanche, je ne parviens pas à créer une piste qui fonctionne, malgré le fait que j’ai rattaché cette piste à mon bus d’entrée fonctionnel. J’imagine qu’il y a un problème vis à vis de mon bus de sortie ?

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Do you want record MIDI data or do you want to record the Audio signal? Why you cannot create it, what happens?

Est ce que tu as activé le „input monitor“? (Le symbol avec lˋhaut-parleur)


If you enable Monitor, you would hear, what is coming from the track input (so you monitor the input). You need this to be able to hear, what you are recording. Once the audio signal has been recorded, you disable the Monitor to hear, what is recorded in the track (not to monitor the input).

Sorry for my English… Yes I disable the ear monitor but it doesn’t work…
I don’t care about MIDI or wave, I just want to record my guitar with the sound of the amp and via the USB

Hi there
Just a thought, if you have direct monitoring on it WONT work as the guitar input bypasses the insert. Turn OFF direct input monitoring…Maybe the problem. He ne sais pas (my schoolboy French is flying here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Best Regards, Dave

I don’t understand all but if you Want me to turn off or on the Ear monitor, I do it and it doesn’t work with the two solutions
I’ve got to take my blues cube as the insert AND output or another ASIO or something liké that ?
Very sorry for my english :wink:


I’m sorry, my French skill is at 0 level. Maybe some screenshots might help for better communication?

We are talking about the Monitor button on the track (orange, if it’s enabled).

I’m not at home for the moment but when I Come back, I will do that. Thank for the answers however.
I understand with the orange monitor button and it’s not the problem

On the first picture, i show you that the pists : Mono in and stereo In are working good beacause I can see the volume move when I touche the strings. But at the right, you see the piste “stereo out” whiche doesn’t move at all and so i don’t ear anything.
On the other picure I show you my configuration with my amp in the studio…

As I said before: You have to activate the input monitor.

I’m very sorry, i try with the input monitor and it works… I make that the last time and it doesn’t work, so i don’t understand but, i try some differents parameters with the configuration of the studio so, maybe…
Thank you for the patience wherether…

i’ve got another problem…When I start to rec on my computer, after 5 minutes with a good sound, a buzz appear and it’s very loud… There’s no buzz in the amp, I think it’s the sound with the pc but I don’t know why…