cubase exchange and VEP

Is the following possible ?

  • 2 persons want to create a track together
  • both have cubase, both have a VEP license
  • the track makes use of both computers and the vstis are loaded in VEP instances on both computers
  • the track is only in one cubase, call it computer A
  • all tracks of the vstis are frozen when recorded so there are wave recordings of them in cubase in computer A
  • you save in computer A
  • you backup the file in computer A including all media files
  • computer A leaves the area (and goes home)
  • computer B wants to continue the work
  • he has the backup file from computer A and loads it
  • he does not have the VEP file from computer A since computer A went home, but he has the frozen tracks in cubase trough the backup file.

question: does computer B hear all tracks (including the frozen tracks from computer A)?
kind regards,

Don’t freeze the tracks, export them as audio separately (or consolidate them and export them as OMF file.) Then it’ll work perfectly.