Cubase Exp. Map Output Mapping Misaligned

I noticed a visual glitch that would be nice to fix in the next release.
The middle column of the Expression Map Setup → Output Mapping is misaligned.

It would also be nice if the entire Expression Map Setup window was resizable.


that would be more important to me than the alignment problem

Wait I’ve got an even better one - having the colors assigned to the Directions work in the Controller lane! (instead of just black and light blue)

Might be time for Steinberg to give this part of the software a bit of love…

just as an fyi – not commenting on the FR – it’s the notes that are colored according to the Exp. map sound slots, not the articulations themselves.

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Ohhhh! Thank you so much for clearing this up Steve!
I had actually asked Greg on a recent hangout and he also did not understand why the colors were not showing up accordingly in the controller lane. He later said he brought it up in a meeting with Steinberg afterwards so maybe it isn’t super obvious for the rest of us… or maybe it needs to be made clear in the manual. I don’t recall seeing anything about it in the Expressions Map chapter.

Thanks again. :+1:t2: