Cubase export? From 5.5 to 6.5

Has any changes been made to batch export? They still where lacking a mono/stereo simultaneous export feature…

If you create mono and stereo output busses you can.

Yea i knew this route thanks. But they should of made like logic or pro tools by now, how hard can it be.

That’s the strangest logic I’ve heard in times.

Very hard. Like patents and legalesy things like. How hard can it be to do it like it is? Not very as even I can do it.
Logic and Pro Tools do it all wong anyhow. They’re crap. Babyware :mrgreen:

I love cubase, been with it since I was 12. I use both cubase and pro tools. Sometimes but rarely i use logic. They dont do it wrong. They have better features for bouncing and printing. And legal matter does not come into the equation. Trust me.

They cant go and steal their code , i know that, but they can write their own… For a long time i did not want to touch pro tools i never liked it when in school etc, but the fact is i had to, it is the industry standard. Since 2007 i have worked in some of the most professional studios in Hollywood, i now work fulltime for one of the busiest studios in hollywood. In all these years not one studio has had cubase.

10%% of them had pro tools and 99.9% had pro tools an logic on the same system. Babyware?

So, in short: you like Cubase, but for professional reasons you have to work with Protools and Logic, and now you want Cubase to become a mix of those. “How hard can it be?” Well, maybe Steinberg does not share your personal opinion, because what you want is already possible in Cubase? Just a thought.

No i want them to stay true to their own for sure… But I would like to seem them up to par in the export feautures.

Think about it, 65 - 70 tracks of midi, busy session, lots of work to do outside of this session, u need to bounce to audio to mix or to send to a mixing engineer. We need to go in figure out whats mono, whats stereo set the out puts to the according busses then do 2 bounces? Way more work than is really needed. You should be able to bounce Mono and stereo simultaneously, AND there should be no time spent going in and double checking whats mono and whats stereo it should just happen automatically… Does no one agree?

Logic (using logical thinking, no pun intended) will get you nowhere. :nerd: The conversation was doomed as soon as you mentioned the name of that Apple product.

All some people really hear after that is “_________ does something logical that Cubase doesn’t.”

Haha im not a fan of logic. I hated it when i first tried it in 2006. The interface is horrible imo. But Logic has a couple of great things that i can name of the top of my head. Convenient bouncing options which i already stated.

-superb plugins out of the box
-Amazing elastic audio now in 9 (best across all daws. even pro tools.)
-outstanding drum replacement tool (makes it so easy) also the best ive seen.

Apple is about to f*ck it up anyways, Logic 10 may be called garage band pro and if its not thats exactly what it will be.

This post sounds like im a logic fan boy… Im far from. I use it rarely and would only to be A) open a clients logic session and export to cubase or pro tools or B) in an an extreme case of needing the above features…

I agree.