Cubase export video?

Curious, came across some of this in the Nuendo forum …

Have found that Cubase has useful but rudimentary video editing ability, p. 986 of the Operation Manual:

  • You can use all the basic editing operations on video events, just as with audio events. You can take a single event and copy it many times for the creation of mix variations. A video event may also be trimmed using the event handles to remove a countdown for instance. Furthermore, you can lock video events just like other events in the Project window, and you can edit video clips in the Pool.

This is useful in a project I am working on now: simply I want to extract 3 minutes or so from with a much longer concert video /audio production. However, there would appear to be no way to make use of Cubase’s video editing ability via export /render or otherwise. Only the ability to bounce the audio back to the parent video.

Seems illogical to provide those editing tools, then not to be able to utilise. Any advice? Perhaps I’m missing something, have rummaged around in the Pool as the manual seems to infer, but that didn’t lead anywhere.