Cubase Export- VST live, what is it for?

I found in Cubase the Export- VST live option.
In a project with 10 tracks (audio, instrument and group tracks) only the vocal track appears as an option to be selected for this kind of export. I don´t undertand what this option is for, which is the difference with a regular export and why dont all tracks appear as selectable?

I did some tests and:

audio parts are selectable for export
all the midi tracks are exported

unfortunately I noticed that exporting projects with midi and audio tracks creates problems once they are reopened in vstlive, while for audio-only projects cubase seems to export them correctly

1-When I export the whole project from Cubase I can´t open it from VL hub screen cause the .vlprj file is not detected, I do see the file if I create a project and go to import media project.
2- Tracks are imported inside a Folder, why? I don´t need this.
3- in Mixer view Audio tracks are grouped inside a song track, midi files are separate, why?
4- In Mixer there is a Halion sonic track that did not exist in the project, what is this?
5- The instrument tracks are loaded without the instrument, just the midi.
6- Empty tracks and disabled tracks are also imported, dont know how to exclude them.
7- The marker track is imported but it´s unusable.

Intented, it is not a vlprj file. Import from File/Import

oh, its a vlsprj not vlprj extension, sorry.
Add one more thing:
8- Track inserts, sends and automation are not imported either. In this case at least tracks should be rendered if not Cubase-VST live export is almost useless.

I’m struggling with ist, too.
We where using a large Cubase session as a Livedrummer (until we find some biodrummer :wink: ) and now, I’d like to transfer it to VSTlive.
Hoped that the 1.0.30 release make it easier, because there are some tempo and signature changes.