Cubase Exporting wav but silence in between

Recently i upgraded to MacOS Sonoma and i have been a new problem recently. When i am done with my mixing and mastering and go to export the audio. I get a small error in the file randomly at any point. There is dead silence for 1 second. I am not getting such problem when i am exporting mp3. Please help as i am suffering alot to export quality wav mixes.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The macOS Sonoma is not supported system yet.

Do you have any plug-in in the Trial/Demo mode by any chance?

Hi Martin,
No I don’t have such plugin in trial mode, when will Cubase support sonoma? And what is the solution to my problem?


Sorry, I don’t know. Observe the related support article, please.

I don’t know (yet). The 1st idea was with the plug-in in the Trial mode.

Do you export in real time or offline? Could you try to change the Buffer Size or the ASIO Guard settings?

I am not aware about buffer size, asio guard etc. it is the same when I installed Cubase first