Cubase External MIDI Controller Cursor

Hi to everyone,
Its possible controls the cursor bar with and external knob dial? Its works perfect with my Yamaha MX but i need work with my Korg M3.
Thanks in advance


How is the Yamaha MX assigned? To which function? Does it send just inc/dec? You could make the same assignment to your M3 knob.

Hi Martin.
Yamaha MX is automatic assigned to this function so i cannot see how is the function assigned. I would like move the cursor when i move the dial but it seems that isnt possible. I can assign cursor forward and rewind with a button but not with the dial.


In the Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices, you can see the assignment. And you can record (or use MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor) the knob move to find out, what kind of data does it send.