Cubase external Midi device file

I am trying to set up an external Midi keyboard (Yamaha SX900) with Cubase. However this keyboard is not in the device list. I will ask Yamaha to provide this SX900 device file, but I need to know what kind of file to ask Yamaha support group. This is also a file that shows the voices resident to the keyboard when I look the inspector I think. Thanks in advance.

The type of file you need is called a “patchname script”. These are plain text files contained in the “Scripts” folder within your Cubase settings folder. You will find many examples in the folder

Scripts > Patchnames > inactive > yamaha 

These are text files, and if you open one of the Yamaha PSR files you’ll also see a contact email address, so perhaps that’s another place you could try.

It’s also possible to create the file you require yourself. There’s a text document in the Patchnames folder called “script documentation.txt”. For your keyboard, you would start with the PDF available on the Yamaha website called “PSR-SX900/SX700 Data List” and use the names and program change information from there. That would be a lot of work. so best ask Yamaha first!

Thank you. I was looking at the data list. It has voice name and a table of MSB, LSB, Value and PC#.
Do you have any ideas what’s meaning of MSB,LSB…etc ?
Are these midi program change value ?
Thanks in advance

Program change numbers go from 0 to 127, so you can select a maximum of 128 sounds.
To expand this, MIDI controllers 0 and 32 are used to select “banks” of 128 sound each.
MIDI controller 0 is known as “Bank Select MSB” and 32 as “Bank Select LSB”.
The terms MSB and LSB refer to “most significant byte” and “least significant byte”, they are combined to allow 16384 possible selections.

The way it works is, you transmit controller zero with the value of the MSB, then controller 32 with the value of the LSB, and these combined select the bank from which the subsequent program change will select a sound.

So, with a line like this in a patchname script:

[p2,1,0,113] GrandPiano

p2 : level 2 (in the drop-down menu)
1: program change number
0: MSB of bank select
113: LSB of bank select

Thank you very much !!

Hello MrSoundman,
If I may ask you further questions ?
I started playing with the Midi device manager to create voice patch list. After I renamed two presets to Vintage Round and Electricbass of an external device.
I included the screen shot. Both VintageRound and ElectricBass have the same MSB and LSB as well as the program change value. During playback, the voices selected per preset are not the same.
Prior to that I added an instrument track which use the SX900 as an external Midi device. I had an midi track which feeds the instrument track. Do you have any ideas why the voice selected is not the same even though the patchname data are the same ?
Thanks in advance.

You need to have the patchname script for the device before you can set it up in the MIDI Device Manager. Please look at some of the Yamaha PSR examples in the Scripts/Patchnames folder as I described in my first answer … there’s even a contact email address in the files from Yamaha.

You will have to either get the required file for the SX900 from Yamaha (if one exists) or you will have to create one yourself.

I was using the Midi Device Manager to create the patch name list. I only need 4 instruments for the track so I gave it a shot. The MDM has built-in edit capability for the patchname file. So it seems.
I wonder who has done this before .

[cubase parse file]
[parser version 0001]
[creators first name]Fabio
[creators last name]Dedinho
[device manufacturer]Yamaha
[device name]Yamaha PSRSX600 Dedinho
[script version] version 1.00

[define patchnames]


[g1] PSR-S670 DRUMS
[p2,0,62,2] KIT PANCADAO
[p2,1 ,62,2] CAIXA
[p2,2 ,62,2] KIT VEI PIZADI
[p2,3 ,62,2] KIT STDKT PA 50
[p2,4 ,62,2] KITXAND 2022
[p2,6 ,62,2] KIT BANDA
[p2,7 ,62,2] KIT LIMAO C MEL
[p2,8 ,62,2] KIT ARROCHA
[p2,9 ,62,2] PERC KORG
[p2,10,62,2] PERCU BANDA
[p2,11,62,2] BATERA G7O
[p2,12,62,2] KIT WESLEY
[p2,13,62,2] KIT KORG TRITON
[p2,14,62,2] KIT MARCINHO SE
[p2,15,62,2] KIT MASTRUZ
[p2,16,62,2] KIT BALADA 01
[p2,17,62,2] KIT BALADA 02
[p2,18,62,2] KIT TARCIO ACO
[p2,22,62,2] KIT ZEVAQUEIRO


vc consegui fazer esse script ai para cubase

tem tutorial com fazer cripts > Patchnames